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Somatic Offerings

Explore Your Rhythm

All of us have a heartbeat, all of us are natural drummers. Learn how to use drumming, both in group and solo settings for your own healing and connection. Drumming is a primal and ancient medicine we can all access Now.

Rhythm Bird guides curious exploration with your hands, feet, body and voice. Your body is a walking multi-instrument! No experience is necessary. Just an open heart & mind.

Permission to Play. Be Wild and Free! Kids, Adults and Seniors welcome. All ages and stages.

Adaptive offerings include: primal body drumming, rhythmic breath, drum meditation, drum circle facilitation, spirit flow jams, how to free flow, women only classes, men only classes. Rhythm Bird Music works with recovery, rehab and mental health facilities sharing these practices.

Move Your Body Free Your Mind

Modern Mantra (in sanskrit and english) and Movement Meditation

Yoga, free flow dance and expression through movement without judgement

Feel the joy in tapping into your child like nature, feel and be present with movement in your body

Sound Meditation Journey

A meditative dreamy experience, using sounds from around the world to gently guide us inward. Crystal Singing Bowls in 432 hz, harmonium in 432 hz, gong, chimes and more.

Our energy together creates a safe and sound container to Dream, Vision, Create, Let Go, Release and Tune Inward. The Yoga of Sound is a gentle and powerful practice and no experience is necessary.